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Sry Purnama Ginting
Hasanul Fahmi


CV Rudang Jaya Abadi is engaged in the health sector which provides a variety of medical equipment. The processing of goods at this company is less than optimal so that the store experiences problems such as the availability of goods that have to wait or order first from resellers, the goods available are only those that are most often purchased by customers. One of the efforts to make sales of medical devices more regular is by way of a sales pattern to provide more stock so that customers do not need to order from the store because it takes a long time. The purpose of this research is to facilitate the sale of medical devices to provide more medical devices in the company. By applying the a priori algorithm, we can obtain information about the associations between products. The results of the analysis of data mining using the a priori algorithm with a support value of 15% and a confidence value of 20%. With the construction of this system, it can help CV Rudang Jaya Abadi in determining the pattern of sales of goods according to what products are often purchased by consumers.

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