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nurhandayani siregar
Nuraisana Nuraisana


The development of the business world today is increasingly diverse and competitive, the pace of development is very difficult to predict, so having the right strategy is the key for a company, both large and small, to be able to continue to compete and survive. Along with technological advances and the development of means of communication and information, the company utilizes technological advances as a marketing strategy tool to promote its products. Technology is expected to help entrepreneurs to predict the profits of their business sales. In a business in the midst of increasingly fierce business competition, whether large, medium or even small, a customer is needed. Women's fashion clothing store is one of the trading businesses engaged in the sale of various clothing, which is located at Sukamandi. However, until now, the women's fashion clothing store business has never conducted an analysis using computerized methods or systems to determine the level of sales revenue that can be used to determine profits, losses, stock, and also predict consumer desires so that sometimes the sales income is not calculated.One of the sciences in the field of computers that can discuss sales analysis is the backpropagation method. Therefore, this study aims to predict the profit of clothing sales in women's fashion clothing stores.

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