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Petti Indrayati Sijabat


Trianda Perbaungan General Hospital is one of the hospitals located in the City Center of Perbaungan District, Serdang Bedagai Regency. This hospital treats many patients with breast cancer and is one of the referral hospitals. Most cancers are found at an advanced stage and are difficult to treat, thus placing a great burden on cancer patients. Breast cancer can be caused by frequent smoking, or exposure to cigarette smoke, poor diet and lifestyle, never breastfeeding children, and so on. technology that can diagnose breast disease is expert system technology. Expert systems began to be used to help an expert or experts in diagnosing various diseases. The system built to detect breast cancer uses a certainty factor method that is able to analyze existing information with the expression of uncertainty, to accommodate this, it uses a certainty factor (CF) to show the level of expert confidence in the problem at hand

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